It has rained for the past week and a half. The rain is like  this: It rains for three hours and then it stops for twenty minutes. when ever it stops my mom always says “Go out-side!!” and we drop our homework and rush out side.

On Saturday May 18th, our family decided to go on a hike on a gorge with water-falls, Partnachklamm. We decided to go because it was raining and we wouldn’t mind the spray of the water falls. of course, that was the one day that that it didn’t rain. Although that was o.k because we were tired of rain and we got the splash and (lots and lots and lots of) drips of the waterfalls.

Well, last time we went on this hike, it was the beginning of our trip and we were jet-lagged, tired, and not used to walking a lot. when we got to the fun part where you had to pay, we just decided to go back to our hostile.

this time, the hike we took that time, seemed like nothing, it was just to get to the adventure that lay before us…

First, we went through the gorge. We thought it was raining. It was actually dripping really hard. there were lots of long, crazy, dark, tunnels. we never thought to bring a flashlight. We never thought we’d be climbing through holes in drippy rocks! But it was very beautiful and there were some holes for light.

Then, we hiked up, up, up, a really steep hill. It was cool because then we got ice cream! Mom says she will miss  being able to go on a hike and just say “we’ll run into a restaurant soon” when we get to Madison. The ice cream was yummy. Then Lela spotted a bunch of really cute ducklings! They were fuzzy!

Then we started down a really steep, steep, steep, even steeper than the way up, road. Scoot, scoot, scoot. 😛 Then Lela saw (thank-you for your eyes!) a foot-path Yay. but even then it was steep and we had to climb over mud and rocks. It was really fun! 🙂

Then we got a pressed penny of Partnachklamm because we collect them.

photo 1      photo 2

-Maya ∆∆



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