I have been traveling so much that I didn’t have any time to write any posts. So I will start with our Schachenhaus hike we did in June.

King Ludwig II was a crazy king who built a bunch of castles everywhere and then “mysteriously” died in shallow water. One he built is on top of Dreitorspitze (three-humped-peak), which is 2,682 m tall. The castle is 1866 m high. so we’re like great, let’s go to see it and spend the night. Sarita whined: “Mom, you always say: it’s a sunny day, lets go on a hike”.  But soon she was happy.

Luckily, the whether got nice, and we hiked 11 km up. But there’s a secret trick: Some rocks on the trail are magic rocks. When you give them to a grown up and you’re a good hiker they turn into food or candy!

Finally we got there. SCHACHENHUAS!  From the outside it looks like a regular barn house:

But on the inside, it is a party room!

Now of course, we were very tired and we spent the night at the Hutte next to Schachenhaus (Hutten are huts placed all over the alps, something were gonna miss in Wisconsin) and slept cozily:

The next day, we went to an Alpine flowers garden on the first day it opened. It was beautiful!


Then we saw a large field filled with pictures made of rocks. We called it rock graffiti!

Rock Grafitti

Lela, Mom, and Sarita went to make rock grafitti while Dad and I hiked up from Schachenhaus to a notch between two of the three peaks, where Meiler Hutte was, at the border of Austria and Germany. First we hiked switchbacks for forever… and then we finally saw it. But how in the world would we get there.

hutte far away

We hiked through loooooootttttttttssssss of scree and snow (was it really worth it? oh yes, well, at least I thought it was fun) and climbed lots of rocks.

hiking thruogh snow Meilorhütte

Finally we got there. I had hot lemonade and my dad had coffee. The people there were surprised that we got there. Then we hiked back down to Schachenhaus and had a warm dinner.

The next day was hike-back-12km-down-day. We wanted to go a different way down that said LIFE ROPE. We didn’t know what that meant so we went. Down. 4000 ft vertical. The trail was called Teufelgsaß, which means Devil’s Palace. That should have warned us!


sarita climbing


It meant that there was a rope to hold on to because there were cliffs. And a few waterfalls to cross too!

After we finally got down, there was the flat part. And then it poured and poured and poured. It was muddy and miserable. It was so nice to run into Partnachalm Hutte to dry out and drink cocoa. We didn’t want to get back out. When we finally got home (elevation 750 m), we were relieved. Now, what kind of hike should we go on tomorrow?


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