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First Day of School to Last Day of School

On my first day of school in Germany, it was scary. We had to go to church and we didn’t know where it was. We found a girl with her dad, so we asked them and they said come with us and we will show you.  (Emily was very excited that he spoke German at her speed.) We also couldn’t find my classroom. I could not speak or understand German.  I first found the second grade classroom, but then we finally found 1a. I didn’t have my colored pencils and I had to have them, so I had to get them from the Gammler (where the lost pens and pencils go). After we colored, we were done with the first day of school. 

On the last day of school in Germany, I could speak fluent German, almost. We also had church, but it was at the gym hall and the Priest came to our school.  All the other kids had homework, but I didn’t.  We ended at 10 AM and had a going away party at my school. THE END!      IT WAS A CRAZY STORY                                                                                                                                        love



Heart Hearing

by Lela

I got to listen to people’s heart.  It was really, really fun.  First I listened to Sita’s heart.  It sounded like “one-a-two, one-a-two, boomp, one-a-two, one-a-two.” Then I listened to my heart.  It sounded the same.  Then I listened to Maya’s heart.  It sounded the same, too. Then when I listened to Mommy’s heart, it sounded like, “bump, bump, bump, bump” and then when I listened to Dada’s heart it sounded the same. But, it was too late to listen to Dad’s heart. We couldn’t really hear Dadi’s heart, because we couldn’t find it anywhere.

The End

by Emily

Dada is Ankur’s dad, a cardiologist.  Dadi is his mom. We also watched a video of Sarita’s heart and Dada confirms that the biggest impact her ASD will have in the short term is causing her to have another echo-cardiogram.